Monday, February 27, 2017

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus


Qal’at al-Bahrain – Ancient Harbour and Capital of Dilmun

Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy


Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur

The Sundarbans


Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison


Białowieża Forest
(Belarus and Poland)

Mir Castle Complex

Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh


Struve Geodetic Arc
TUPISCHKI Oshmyany, Grodno Oblast//LOPATI/Lopaty Zelva, Grodno Oblast//OSSOWNITZA Ossovnitsa Ivanovo, Brest Oblast//TCHEKUTSK Chekutsk Ivanovo, Brest Oblast//LESKOWITSCHI Leskovichi Ivanovo, Brest Oblast

Tentative Lists

Augustow Canal Edifices for Worship of Fortress Type in Belarus, Poland and Lithuania Saviour Transfiguration Church and St. Sophia Cathedral in the town of Polatsk SS. Boris and Gleb (Kalozha) Church in the city of Hrodna Worship wooden architecture (17th -18th centuries) in Polesye

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